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Our advisers have education and experience in the financial industry that is reflected in their knowledge and expertise. We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard that puts the best interests of our clients first. Also, we give each client the intimate attention deserved to achieve peace of mind in their finances.

Your financial service makes it fast, safe and fun to invest in digital currency anywhere in the world.

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GreenCorp FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions. Don't hesitate to send us a message if you don't find an answer to your question.

  • Why is GreenCorpInvestment different?

    We offer product diversification. That means that we split every investment in Trading, Mining, Realestate and Masternodes. Therefore we have stable and long-term results, our algorithms guide us towards profitable paths.

  • Where can I register?

    You can register on the Homepage under the "Register" button.

  • Does the registration cost anything?

    Registration is free of charge, we also offer a signup bonus of 4 to welcome every new member.

  • How may I make a deposit?

    In order to make a deposit click on make deposit in the navigation menu on your dashboard. 
Fill desired amount in the 'Amount' field, choose payment system that you use and click 'Confirm'. Follow further instructions of your payment system.