GreenCorp FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions. Don't hesitate to send us a message if you don't find an answer to your question.

  • Why is GreenCorpInvestment different?

    We offer product diversification. That means that we split every investment in Trading, Mining, Realestate and Masternodes. Therefore we have stable and long-term results, our algorithms guide us towards profitable paths.

  • Where can I register?

    You can register on the Homepage under the "Register" button.

  • Does the registration cost anything?

    Registration is free of charge, we also offer a signup bonus of 4 to welcome every new member.

  • How may I make a deposit?

    In order to make a deposit click on make deposit in the navigation menu on your dashboard. 
Fill desired amount in the 'Amount' field, choose payment system that you use and click 'Confirm'. Follow further instructions of your payment system.

  • What is the minimum investment amount?

    The minimum investment amount is 500 USD.

  • What currency can I invest?

    At the moment, we accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.

  • Where I can find my referral link?

    You find the referral link in the Dashboard.

  • How much money can I make?

    Your success depends on your patience, your chosen investment package and the amount you are able to invest. We are not a HYIP scheme, just like every other legitimate investment your profits takes time to grow. We offer a lifetime passive investment opportunity not a get rich quick scheme.

  • What is GreenCorpInvestment affiliate program?

    Our affiliate program is an approach to gain additional money by referring new individuals to GreenCorpInvestment. It isn't compulsory to refer others to profit but rather it's an extraordinary approach to expand your earnings. We have an effective referral system which implies that you will gain commissions on every deposit made by people you refer.

  • How secure are user accounts and personal data?

    All stored data on our servers remains protected via encryption technology all the time.
 All account related transactions done by our clients are mediated exclusively via secured internet connections.

  • What is Bitcoin mining?

    Bitcoin mining is analogous to the mining of gold, but its digital form. The process involves specialized computers solving algorithmic equations or hash functions. These problems help miners to confirm blocks of transactions held within the network. Bitcoin mining provides a reward for miners by paying out in Bitcoin in turn the miners confirm transactions on the blockchain. Miners introduce new Bitcoin into the network and also secure the system with transaction confirmation. They are also rewarded network fees for when they harvest new coin and a time when the last bitcoin is found mining will continue.

  • Can bitcoin be regulated in any way?

    Again, when a user decides to use a specific type of software for their Bitcoin wallet, they are deciding what direction the Bitcoin network is heading towards. In other words, you need the cooperation of nearly every single user in order to modify any aspect of the Bitcoin protocol.

  • Is Bitcoin anonymous?

    Participants in Bitcoin transactions are identified by public addresses – those are the long strings of around 30 characters you see in a person’s Bitcoin address, usually starting with the numerals ‘1’ or ‘3’. For every transaction, the sending and receiving addresses are publicly-viewable.

  • How can I sell Bitcoins?

    Bitcoins can be sold locally using LocalBitcoins, on Bitcoin brokerages / exchanges, using two-way Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTM’s) or you can pay for a good or service with them. Bitcoins can be sold to just about anyone as long as they have a Bitcoin address, and can be sold for any fiat currency in the world or traded for a physical good. Feel free to check out our recommended list of exchanges and brokerage services to sell your bitcoins online.

  • Can you provide confirmation of your investment records and results?

    This data is not revealed to the public as it is considered a business secret. Exposing this data could characterize GreenCorpInvestment as an investment counselor, which conflicts with our terms of service, universal business and trading laws, thus incurring a criminal risk against us. We will, be that as it may, share our outcomes in subjective measures.

  • What is the investment period?

    The investment period is 365 days, that’s 52 weeks after which your investment expires. The choice is yours to reinvest or step out.

  • Can I create more than one active portfolio?

    Yes, all portfolios run independently.

  • What documents are accepted by the KYC process?

    A passport photograph and any of the following documents: 1. National ID Card 2. International Passport 3. Driver's License 4. PAN Card 5. Photo identity proof of Central or State government 6. Identity card of University or board of education 7. Employee identity card of a listed company or public sector company

  • How long does withdrawals take?

    Profits are sent to your wallet automatically every Saturday of the week, you don’t need to request a withdrawal. In other words, it may take few seconds, few minutes, few hours, but it will definitely not exceed 10 hours.

  • What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?

    Click on the password recovery option, type your username or email and you should receive reset password link.
If you haven't receive password reset link check your spam folder or contact our support team.