Cannabidiol is a bitcoin in the world of chemistry


Cannabidiol is a bitcoin in the world of chemistry

Cannabidiol is a bitcoin in the world of chemistry. Recently, cannabidiol (a substance derived from hemp, CBD) is an incredibly popular ingredient: the Sephora network is already using it in its cosmetics, Coca-Cola is going to add it to drinks. Confectioners, brewers, soap makers and other manufacturers draw cannabis inflorescences on packages to indicate: they have fashionable cannabidiol in their products.

In 2017, the CBD market was estimated at $202 million. According to forecasts, by 2020 it will reach $2.1 billion.CBD does not cause intoxication, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another chemical compound that is also found in hemp.

It is THC that gives psychoactive properties to marijuana.

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