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Cannabidiol is a bitcoin in the world of chemistrys

Recently, cannabidiol (a substance derived from hemp, CBD) is an incredibly popular ingredient: the Sephora network is...


How CBD fell in love with brands and millennials

On December 14, 2017, the World Health Organization recommended that CBD be removed from the international lists of...


Hemp oil is a unique dietary product

It contains a large number of nutrients that are beneficial to human health. Their proportions are perfectly balanced...


The ability of THC to make delicious foods

Eating foods that you like increases the production of dopamine in the body, a hor-mone of pleasure. And along...


Cannabidiol for brain cancer treatment

Cannabidiol could be a useful therapy for diffcult-to-treat brain cancer. Findings from a new study examining human...


The healing properties of cannabis

Paracelsus knew 500 years ago that the distance between poison and medicine is measured only by dosage...